Welcome! This is a website for a worldwide audience or for anyone who is looking fo earn a legitimate income online. I once heard a statement “ Your job wasn’t designed to make you rich, it was designed to make your boss rich.” This has stuck with me. My life bears this out. So, I created this website to show you how to earn a living working for yourself from anywhere in the world online. There are many good opportunities online to earn a legitimate living but it takes time and wisdom to sort through all the scam and deception to get to the good stuff. Fortunately, I have done a lot of research and from experience, have listed only the reputable or trustworthy companies or sites. In addition, none of these companies will require you to pay anything to register in order to get a job. Any company that asks you for money in order to get a job is usually a scam and something you should avoid unless you have done extensive research and feel comfortable with paying for the registration. Otherwise stay far from those companies.

My goal is clear: to help you get established working for yourself online. But let me say that to be truly successful in life, one has to have some level of commitment and determination. If you’re looking to all of a sudden get rich overnight without any effort on your part, then this website isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking to be financially self-sufficient doing it through legitimate means, and by working a successful plan day in and day out, then you’ve come to the right website. The things I write about here come from my own experiences and that of others who are earning a living working online. I will share jobs to do online worldwide, companies that hire people from around the world, offer you suggestions, ideas, important resources to help you develop your entrepreneurial skill, and give you step by step plans of how to implement those ideas in order to see good returns. 

Working for myself was not something I ever really thought seriously about. Of course, like most people, I dreamed about what it would be like to leave the demanding, stressful, and often times unrewarding 9-5 job. But the realities of responsibilities and uncertainty usually wake me up quickly. However, all that changed when I suddenly lost my job after many years with the same company. With no support, no savings, or retirement income, I found myself often in severe starvation and eventually being evicted from my apartment and on the verge of living on the streets. I write about my experience in my newly released book A diamond out of the rough: Uncover the treasure in you, which you can get now on Amazon. I was hit hard by this loss no doubt, and I was angry, felt betrayed, and confused. I felt like I had poured my all into my job with integrity and honesty and then to lose it without warning was a difficult thing to deal with at first.

But many years have gone by now and recovery has begun to take place. It wasn’t an easy process, but to recover I had to take a deeper look at myself and what was happening inside me emotionally. I also had to find out what my true potential was and what I really wanted out of life. I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t ever want to face another job loss again and the only way to avoid that painful experience was to become my own boss.

So, I began to dig deeper on the inside to uncover what was really in me. I knew that I loved writing and that I was also passionate about sharing my knowledge and experiences with others but, to be honest with you, I never saw it as something I could do full-time, let alone make a living from it. I seriously started writing many years ago, but it only began for me as a way to deal with the trauma of my abusive past. Writing was cathartic for me, and a medium that led to self-discovery and allowed me to express my creative ideas. And the more I wrote, the more I wanted to never stop writing. 

Why do I care about your financial success?

From my painful experiences and the desire to help you become financially self-sufficient so that you can escape the painful financial and emotional experiences of a sudden job lossthis website was born. My hope is to provide you with as many valuable resources to get you on the road to start earning a living working for yourself. 

Take this journey with me as we learn how to be financially free working for ourselves online. Remember to share this site and the same life changing principles you find here with others as well.

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