If you can't do the job online from any country in the world, you won't find it on my list!

What do writers do?

“Writers and authors develop written content for advertisements, books, magazines, movie and television scripts, songs, blogs, or other types of media.” — U.S. Bureau of labor statistics.

Requirements for being a writer

Anyone with strong writing skills, a desire to share his or her experiences or knowledge with others, and a passion for developing written content can become a writer.

Employment facts

As of 2015, the BLS reports that nationwide there are around 43,380 people employed as writers. Earning a mean hourly wage of $33.24 and an annual average of $69,120. Most were employed in the public relations, advertising, or related industries. It expects growth for the industry to be 2 percent annually until 2024. In 2014, 2 out of 3 writers were self-employed, and competition is increasing because more and more people are being drawn to the field.

Types of freelance writing jobs to do online


This can be a great way to turn a passion into an opportunity to earn a living online. Creating a blog is quite easy to do because there are many platforms like WordPress and blogger that offer you the opportunity to start a free blog. You could create more ways to earn money and exposure if you write guest posts for other blogs or even monetize your blog.

Real blogging gigs online for WORLDWIDE job seekers

Pays once a month through Paypal.

Pays every two weeks between $5-500 via PayPal for writing articles or reposting content on your blog about advertisers products or services. 

Pays you to blog about a product of your choice. After you have earned the minimum payable amount of about $52 you can request a payment. RankSider would transfer the amount to your PayPal or to your bank account within 20 - 30 days.

Allows you the opportunity to connect to advertisers and you can write paid post about products or services.

Another opportunity to write sponsored reviews for advertisers. Go to PayPerPost; register your site, set a price for your post, and begin getting offers from advertisers with products or services that relate to your blog’s message. There are three payout options: $100 for free members and for pro members it's $25 or $50 as a payout option.

What is LinkWorth?
“Our products consist of text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads, rotating text ads, hosted content pages, article submission, directory submission and many more."
Go here for in-depth payment terms http://www.linkworth.com/support/ppay.php

Write naked
Open submission runs from January 1-March 31. $50 per post of 450-650 words


This company is based in Canada and pays you to write product description but you must have the ability to work fast because the business has a quick turnaround time. Pays regularly through Paypal. The pay rate varies, however depending on the quality of your work and the number of stars earned, For example, 
1.2-1.4 cents per word -1-star writer 
 2-2.3 cents per word- 2-star writer
4.4-5.2 cents per word- 3-star writer
6.6-7.6 cents per word-4 star writers 

They claim to employ more writers online than any other website in the world. There are three levels of writers: standard, premium, and elite. The amount you are paid per word will depend on your rank. The website also says that top writers can earn $40 or more for a single 500-word article. However, reviews show that standard writers get about $3.00 per page, premium $4, and elite $15. They pay via PayPal on a weekly basis or you could choose another payment schedule.

The site says they are looking for articles that deal with how to be successful at web writing. You could earn anywhere from $100-$300 

Writer’s Weekly 
They pay $60 via Paypal only. The focus of the article should be on how to make money writing or ways to earn a living from writing.

Articles you write should be 800 – 1200 words and you earn $100 – $300 if it's accepted. "Some of the topics open for submission are B2B copywriting tips, Landing and working with B2B clients, and Freelance business tips."

Payment amount: Rate of pay is $0.01 per word, so for a 500-word article, you’ll get about $5 but if you’re just starting out, this is an opportunity to gain experience and sharpen your writing skill.

Again, your rate of pay is based on a 5-star system. Any articles with lower than a 3--star rating are rejected for further revisions. "The amount paid for each Standard article rated at 3 stars is $12.25. The amount paid for each Standard article rated at 4 stars is $14.75. The amount paid for each Standard article rated at 5 stars is $15.50. Premium articles can earn you $40 per 400-page article. Rejected articles are not paid."

According to the site, blog content or articles go for $30 for a 500-word assignment or $60 for a
1,000-word assignment. Click for further payment details.
You write a list of 10 funny, unusual, or interesting things in native English, and they'll pay you $100. 

Slick WP
Articles must be related to Wordpress themes and plugins
$100 per article via Paypal

Payment amount varies greatly. Anywhere from $3-15 for a 200-word article to 7.50-37.50 for a 500-word article. Requires American standard English.

They pay $7-31 per page and there are several payment options including Paypal.

 $20 – $2,000 for all articles related to…you guessed it, skills needed for survival.

Londonbrokers is an online publishing company that hires freelancers worldwide. The registration process is easy. They pay close to $4 for a 500-word paper. It pays via Paypal or Payoneer every Friday.

Payment seems low and varies widely depending upon content quality, your level of expertise, and how your article is rated. Obviously, low-quality articles will generate lower pay. For instance, on their site, it shows that a 2 star rated article will earn you $7.00 for 1000 words or $3.5 per 500 words. A 3-star rank will earn you $5 per 500-word article. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer and looking for more experience, and don’t want to enter into bidding wars for other writing jobs, this may be something to check out. For non-U.S. applicants check out textbroker.co.uk.

No experience needed and you don’t have to be traveling the world to write for them, you could write about where you live. They pay $40 a week via Paypal.

Get paid $200 per article to write on topics related to business, design, or marketing. Payment can be made via Paypal.

More sites to consider

Hands down one of the best sites for freelance jobs.



Essay writing sites:

Pays well; professional, plenty of work, and you must adhere to strict guidelines and deadlines. “We pay our contracted, freelance writers up to $15.00 per page (1 page = 300 words) depending on the amount of time allowed to complete the project. Many of our full-time writers earn well over $50,000 per year. However, most writer make $9-12 per page.”

This is very similar to essay shark. Prices can start from $7.5 per page and you can be paid via Paypal and others. Good policies

Pays $10 per page via Paypal. One of the most popular sites. From the reviews I’ve read, it’s fair but you’re expected to produce quality work.

Homework projects site:

Academic papers and research projects:

A freelance company based in the U.K. The overall reviews seem to be positive and the negative comments usual relate to IT problems and not to pay. The site says that papers written by writers with ESL earns $15/page, and those written by ENL writers gets $26/page. However, I’ve seen reviews that say it’s more like $7-10 per page. Pay received through Paypal, Payoneer, and others.

Pay rate is low. There are two levels of writers: "Regulars" who receive $3 and up per page, but can improve their ranking by completing at “least 15 orders with positive feedbacks from our clients.” The there are the “premiums”. These writers can start at $4 per page go up to $17.50 per page. Payment is given out twice a month but the company says that it can hold payment for two weeks to get custom’s feedback.

Pays on time and the rate seems fair. However, like many other writing services, work can become scarce at times.

More on their payment
Before you get paid for the job done, you have to wait 20 days for clearance. This is to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. After the clearance, you’re paid twice a month via Paypal (no minimum payout), Payoneer ($20 minimum balance), or wire transfer (minimum of $100).

What are your requirements? From company’s site
BA or BSc degree or higher.
Strong command of the English language.
Good writing and research skills.
Ability to check emails at least 3 times a day and respond to phone calls.
Ability to meet deadlines.

Payment terms go here 
They have a wide range of subject matter to choose from, and work seems to be plentiful and reliable but they demand quality writing. Have to upload a scan of your certificate. I could find anything about exact pay rate but the site does say that the top writer made $6462 in a month.

U.K. based company. Seems to be a good company to work for and the pay is good. However, consistent work can be hard to find.
About $5 per page. Go here for more payment details. 

Earn $7-$15 per page helping students with their research or essay papers.


“Pays between $.03-$.05/word. Copy assignments are usually around 100 words each and assigned in batches of ten. We recommend that writers always accept assignments in batches of 10 to 30. $30 for a batch of 10 100-word assignments and $60 for a batch of 30 100-word assignments.” Click for further payment details.


More opportunities for freelance writing work online


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