What do they do?

There are different kinds of editors but in general, they prepare content for publication in magazines, newspapers, books, or on websites. The duties of an editor is so important because no matter how good of a writer someone may be, it can be difficult at times to effectively evaluate one’s own work in an objective manner. After all, as a writer you have spent countless hours on your manuscript and may believe every word is worth publishing.

Although the terms editor and proofreader are used interchangeably and some duties may overlap, in actuality the two are different. The work of a proofreader is focused on correcting grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. A proofreader takes the document when the editor is finished his or her work. Proofreaders have an incredible ability to catch grammatical and such types of errors others would normally not see, and their work is extremely important to the overall quality of the final document. Editors, on the other hand, may perform the following duties:

1. Rewrite content, which may involve removing portions of the document that is repetitive or don’t fit the overall message of the publication or the intended audience.
2. Organize content so that the publication flows more smoothly; brings clarity so that it’s easier for readers to follow the main ideas or story line of the writer.
3. Make recommendations as to what should be included in the publication.
4. Refine or polish the document so that it conveys the writer’s intentions but at the same time being mindful of the reader.
5. Checking content for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
6. Formatting document to ensure it meets publication guidelines.
7. Fact checking.

Employment facts

In the U.S. alone, there were 96,690 editors as of May 2015. The Industries that employed the most editors were news organizations, books, periodicals, and directory publishers with 50,550 as of May 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average hourly and annual salaries were $31.21 and $64,910 respectively.


If you can't do the job online from any country in the world, you won't find it on my list!

1. Company: Scribendi 

The company is based in Canada and hires editors from around the world to work remotely. There’s no bidding for jobs and you get to choose the assignment that’s right for you. They offer free training and gives incentives. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the other members of the team via newsletter, online forums, and memos. Good working knowledge of the computer, the internet, and various types of word processing software are important. Something to know is that you have to edit a certain number of words per month or else they’ll close your account.
Payment amount: You can expect to be paid between $15-23 per hour for assignments that are reasonably easy to edit.
Payment method: Pays via Paypal on a monthly basis in U.S. currency.

2. Company: Editor World

To become an editor, fill out the application form; provide a description of who you are; select your payment preference, and indicate what kind of editorial position you’re applying for. They have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Payment amount: Not disclosed.
Payment method: Non-U.S. workers can receive payment via Paypal.

3. Company: Domainite 

Offers freelance editing jobs. To be considered for a position you must first edit the sample article that’s on the site and if they approve you’ll be contacted with further details. They seem to have regular work. 
Payment amount: You can expect to be paid between $ 0.25 for a 100-word assignment.
Payment method: Pays via Paypal on a weekly basis.

4. Company: Wordy

Before you can sign up to be an editor, you must have an understanding of the in style house rules at Wordy. The signup process itself will take you about an hour because you’re required to take both an editing and language test. There’s no bidding for jobs because all jobs are on a first come, first served basis. You also have the opportunity to contact the client directly via email should you have any issues with the document.
Payment amount: Not disclosed.
Payment method: Pays via Paypal twice a month but there is a minimum payout of 50 euros/$53US

5. Company: OneSpace

Signing up at OneSpace is easy even though you have to pass a number of qualifying test before completing tasks on the jobs board. The test is a language or grammar test that’s simple and easy. They always seem to have assignments for you to work on so expect work.
Payment amount: Varies but you can make $20 per hour if you get a lot of more difficult tasks done.
Payment method: Pays via Paypal once the task is completed and approved.

6. Company: PureContent

Takes just a few minutes to fill out the online form; upload your resume, and include some information about past editing experience.  
Payment amount: Not disclosed
Payment method: Not disclosed

7. Company: Editor Live

Has a fairly lengthy application process. You are required to complete a 10-minute application; move on to a 30-minute multiple choice test, and finish with writing a two-Paragraph Practical Examination that takes 20 minutes.
Payment amount: Not disclosed
Payment method: Not disclosed

8. Company: Academic Word 

The editing services cater to academia so experience in this area is a plus. For employment opportunity, fill out an easy and simple form.
Payment amount: Not disclosed
Payment method: Not disclosed

9. Company: Gramlee

The site mentions that the company is always looking to hire people. To be considered, enquire via email at cs at Gramlee dot com and answer the five questions posted in 200 words or less.
Payment amount: Not disclosed
Payment method: Not disclosed

10. Company: Hello Essay

To become an editor you must be able to edit admissions or academic type essays or have experience in these fields. In addition, college graduates who are native English speakers with Knowledge of different formatting styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago are preferred. There are a few other requirements also.
Payment amount: Not disclosed
Payment method: Not disclosed

11. Company: Fiverr

One of the largest online marketplaces for freelance work. All the gigs start at $5.00 and you can charge higher rates by offering extras. A great choice for freelance editing jobs and highly recommended.
Payment amount: Set your own rate starting at $5.00
Payment method: Payment can be received via Paypal

12. Company: Upwork

Another great site to find freelance editing work worldwide and there's a lot of work available.
Payment amount: Your can work for an hourly rate or for a fixed price.

Payment method: Payment can be received via Paypal.

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