Virtual assistants perform similar duties as office clerks but remotely. These duties are quite diverse because an individual employer may require specific skills or assign specific responsibilities in order to ensure the success of the company or organization. However, most virtual assistants may be required to perform bookkeeping tasks, answer telephone or email messages; know how to use a fax machine, photocopier, word processor, or other such machines. Many have to schedule appointments, make travel arrangements, run errands, keep track of company’s inventory, pay bills, do data entry, or any other duty the employer may see fit to assign.

Although a virtual assistant does not need a specific level of education to perform his or her duties, to be really competitive or successful, virtual assistants can benefit from business or management courses, or a virtual assistant training program. In addition, it would be helpful to have above average computer or internet skills. Finally, if you are planning to enter a particular field it is advisable to learn as much as you can about that particular area so that you can remain competitive in the field.

The rate of payment will vary significantly depending on the level of experience of the VA or the specific skill set that is needed to accomplish the task as well as where the assistant is located. Many VAs can earn between $5-60 per hour.


If you can't do the job online from any country in the world, you won't find it on my list!


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