If you can't do the job online from any country in the world, you won't find it on my list!

Today’s tech-savvy students are showing a greater interest in online courses. As a result, the number of students enrolled in online courses continues to rise. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group about online learning,

More than one in four students (28%) now take at least one distance education course (a total of 5,828,826 students, a year‐to‐year increase of 217,275). A year‐to‐year 3.9% increase in the number of distance education students, up from the 3.7% rate recorded last year.

Why are online courses so popular?

Well, anyone who has ever taken a distant learning course can attest to the ease and flexibility that such programs offer. You could take the course in the comfort of your own home whenever you want. Along with that, the day to day distractions that are often so common in a traditional classroom setting can be eliminated by taking an online course. Online educators bring real value to students of all nationality, age, background, and learning needs. In addition, online learning provides teachers and tutors with various opportunities to work with students from different grade levels and you earn extra money while you do it.
Language Tutors

Teach private English lessons from your phone
Payment amount: $10.20 per hour or 0.17 cents per minute
Payment method: Paypal

Berlitz, the world's premier language learning and cross-cultural training provider, helps people speak languages with confidence, communicate across cultures and achieve global success.
Payment amount: $12.23-26.96 per hour
Payment method: Paypal

One of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world.

"Brentphone English, one of South Korea's leading language instruction institutes, is in immediate need of full and part time instructors to teach ENGLISH and FRENCH as a second language. Instruction is given online, via internet phone, to students based in South Korea."

All other areas

Payment amount: It’s shared revenue so you set your rate and they take 30%
Payment method: Paypal

Requires comprehensive knowledge of subjects and you must be availability to work between 8 AM to 4 PM EST. You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection.
Payment amount: $12 per hour
Payment method: Paypal

To register or to be considered, send a resume to jobs@brainfuse.com. If you meet their requirements they’ll email you a code for you to proceed with the registration process.
Payment amount: $12 per hour
Payment method: Paypal

Requires experience in tutoring or teaching. One of the most trusted online tutoring company.
Payment amount: $20 per hour
Payment method: Payment is processed every Thursday via Paypal.

Tutor part time or full time from any location worldwide. All you need is a computer and reliable internet connection. For further details contact  jobs@Aim4A.com.
Payment amount: $10-15 an hour
Payment method: Paypal

“At Limu, you can teach or tutor any subject or skill you have mastered, whether academic, professional or hobby-related.”
Payment amount: you set your rate and they take a $1.00 per “teaching asset.”
Payment method: Pays at the end of the month but didn’t specify a method.

“the world's largest marketplace for online teachers. We currently have over 1.5 million language students learning over 100 different languages on italki. As an online language teacher, you get instant exposure to all our students from around the world.
Payment amount: You set your own rate but they take 15% of what you make.
Payment method: Many options: Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Alipay, Bank Transfer (via Payoneer)

Education related online job board

Other ways to earn a living online as an educator


Note: Many of these online platforms will offer a variety of different plans from which to choose. For instance, some will come free but with a transaction fee and others will charge you a monthly fee with and without a transaction fee. So make sure you check out each one really well in order to determine how it will meet your specific needs.

They offer a “free plan” but it comes with a monthly $1 + 10% transaction fee per paid course.

9.5% of all your sales go to the company. Packages start at around $75 but a little lower if you commit to a year.

Digital chalk
A number of plan options from which to choose but the lowest-priced plan will cost you $25 per month and $8 per course.

They are offering a 14-day free trial and after that, it’s $83.08 per month for the up-and-comer plan.
Suppose to be a really good one. Their “starter” plan which is the lowest-priced plan will cost you $0 per month, but you will have to pay a 10% transaction fee.

Free to create the course if you are an instructor. However, if Udemy makes the sale on your course, the revenue is split equally, and if you sell the course they take 3%.

Starts at $24.95 per month plus 10% of sales.

$1 a month for the starter plan.

The basic version comes free for 7 days and after that you pay a monthly fee of $99

Not only can you create or upload courses but you can sell your courses through their marketplace


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